As practioners of innovation, we have learned that innovation is a by-product of Work, Team, and System. Far too often organizations fail to integrate these activities, or focus on one at the expense of another.

In our work, we look at the innovation ecosystems to create:

WORK that is based on deep human insight and is holistic

TEAMS that are diverse, well-connected, purpose-driven and able to leverage the collective intelligence of the whole

SYSTEMS and leaders that enable innovation and role model a learning culture

Successful innovation requires the ability to discover and nurture ideas. In a 2012 study, Booz and Company discovered that only 25% of the 700 organizations surveyed believe they are highly effective at both creating and converting ideas (see “The Global Innovation 1000: Making Ideas Work“, 2012). Our own experience tells us that discovering ideas is primarily the role of the team while nurturing ideas is largely the role of leadership as they create the conditions within the organization.



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