our staff

Though each of us has diverse functional backgrounds and experiences,
we were each called to clay street to bring more meaningful work to the corporate world.


Karen Hershenson

studio leader

I bring kinetic energy and deep
reverence for people's ability to
grow to their full potential.


Jennifer Voegele


  I am always energized when I see
a team making new connections.


RJ Sargent


I am inspired by
creating the conditions across all senses.

woman lego_106257_cc by musket

Sarah Heidel




Lisa Jensen

cultural R&D

I thrive in setting the conditions for people to achieve their full potential, witnessing their growth and connection with others.


Nancy Schultz

office manager

I am inspired by people who see
the beauty in everyday things;
it makes me want to do the same.

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Devin Baldridge



adjunct faculty

We are trained by and continually leverage our diverse community of knowledge experts across the disciplines of psychology, somatics, neuroscience, art, drama, education and human dynamics. Each of them bring much more than their individual expertise – they share our common commitment to making the world a better place by helping individuals and groups reach their highest potential.

Mark Coleman - mindfulness teacher, author, wilderness guide http://www.awakeinthewild.com/

Michael Conforti - jungian analyst and the founder and director of The Assisi Institute  http://www.assisiinstitute.com/

Tracy Connor - improv   http://tracyconnor.weebly.com/improv.html

Rocco DalVera - drama & neurolinguistics   http://ccm.uc.edu/about/directory.html?eid=dalverr&thecomp=uceprof_0

Ema Genijovich - family & group counseling   https://www.linkedin.com/pub/ema-genijovich/16/16/b14

Mukara Meredith - group dynamics   http://www.matrixworkslivingsystems.com/

Kim John Payne - social psychologist, rites of passage, global cultures   http://www.socialsustain.com/home/ourteam.html