We work with teams that are diverse, well-connected, and purpose-driven. Through immersive experiences based on research from cognitive neuroscience, the natural world and the creative process, we help teams look at business problems in a whole new way.

what clay street can do for teams

Our sessions accelerate teams to discover deep human insights and deliver holistic solutions. We see the most meaningful impact when team sessions are used as a catalyst for building innovation capability within organizations. We customize the right mix for the work, team and organization. Team experiences include:

2 week session that delivers highly-connected team, strategic vision and path to shift the business

1-5 day sessions that move the work and team forward through the innovation journey

on going advising to transfer skills and behaviors back into the business

what can you do for your team

Create an environment where everyone feels valued and safe enough to bring his or her ideas.

Drive orientation by displaying thinking, naming team dynamics and defining a common language.

Allow time to incubate and make connections across different inspiration & lens.